VientosÓscar Bueno

Vientos is an sonorous space where everything that happens is due to the moving air. It is a landscape and a concert for 4 voices and several fans  production, 2023
Fina hoja de metal
Javi Cruz

This is a van that goes through inside some hydrangeas. It could be the other way around, but here, now, some parts of a Citroën C15 have been diluted and turned into irrigation liquid to start a process that will gradually transform them into the color of a flower.
production, 2023
ApoyaturaÓscar Bueno

A piano is an instrument intended to produce music through a series of pressures. But what happens if we abandon the learned sequences and simply lean on it? And what if instead of using fingers, we use arms, elbows, or foreheads? Is it possible to write the score for the actions of a body that lets itself fall? production, 2023
Ca.Ca. (Cannibal Carnival)María Jerez
Ca.Ca. is the result of an investigation carried out by elii [oficina de arquitectura]  together with the artist María Jerez, by invitation of Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa and Manuel Ocaña, curators of the Spanish Pavilion of the 18th Venice Biennale 2023.

This film explores the idea of digestion and all those spaces and architectures intended to manage food waste.

production, 2023
Mágica y Elástica
Cuqui Jerez en colaboración con Óscar Bueno

Mágica y Elástica is configured as a deconstructed musical, exploring how sound, movement, and image work together. These elements allow us to perceive what we cannot speak of, to glimpse what language cannot yet capture, leading us to a space of mystery beneath the spectacle and to the moment when experience turns into emotion.  production, 2022