PedernalJavi Cruz

PEDERNAL is a line of research and production of objects, which at some point can be understood as jewelry made with flint and iron, and elements from their families such as silica gel, sodium silicate, marcasite, or pyrite. The combination of both materials, in their mineral state, has been used since ancient times to produce fire.

Residencies, 2023

El calentitoLouana Gentner
What is the exact moment when one experiences love? Not specifically romantic love, nor solely shared love, nor expressed love... but love as the most universal term, love as emotion, as feeling, as a fraction of time. Love as something intimate that belongs only to you.Residencies, 2023
SupernovaCuqui Jerez
Supernova is a solo performance. It's a superstar. It's a body. Oscar's body mounted on roller skates. Mutating. Vibrating. It physically vibrates, but it also vibrates in its relationship with space and with the few objects that make up this universe. It's an autonomous body that escapes productivity and moves through space trying to understand itself as part of a set of microforces. Residencies, 2023
VientosOscar Bueno
Vientos is part of the research project Los paisajes ajenos. In this project, I pose questions about the relationships between landscape, music, and action. I relate image and action to search for unnameable landscapes that appear in those places on the edge of music, on the edge of the image and on the edge of the scene. Residencies, 2023
All in the air is bird María Jerez  This work focuses on the principle that the spectator is an anonymous collaborator. It takes, as a starting point, the dictionary definition of "collaborate": to work with other people in the realization of a project. The process of this piece seeks to broaden that definition by reflecting on the condition of the spectator and collaboration not only with humans but also with animals, particularly with birds. Residencies, 2023 Let’s fold aroundCecile Brousse and María Infante
Cécile and María work together to find a new life for the piece within María's body, a new corporality and thought within Cécile's work. Both the piece itself and this experiment are a fold within a fold. A world within a world. Residencies, 2022
Passer DomesticusMaría Jerez
The project proposed by María Jerez is part of an extensive research that she carries out in several stages during 2021 and 2023. For this first stage, the artist is developing Passer Domesticus: between a performance and a film-essay.
Residencies, 2021
Estudios para sonidación 3Óscar Bueno
In this new series, I start with the premise of working with video to generate new sound possibilities with the body. It is now the performer's body that controls the timing of the sound, the musical writing. Through working with the performativity of the body and its possibilities as a musical agent, I will create a series of videos that become scores for a potential viewer to soundify. How can a body generate sound without producing it? What capacity does the body have to be a score? How can action and movement be redefined in sound? Residencies, 2022
La ManchaMaría Jerez
A stain (mancha in Spanish) is a foreign body that invades another body. According to the RAE dictionary, it is a mark that one thing makes on a body, usually "dirtying" it or "spoiling" it. Or a "part of something with a different color from the general or dominant color in it." Or a "piece of land that stands out from the immediate surroundings due to some quality." For centuries, the stain has been considered a dishonor; however, this work aims to consider it as an opportunity.Residencies, 2021
Estudios para sonidación 2Óscar Bueno
Estudios para sonidación 2 are scores for soundidation (generating sounds mentally). They are objects that invite their activation as musical/sonorous devices. As scores, they need to be performed. Therefore, they are pieces that invite performativity. And why soundidation? I'm still not clear about it, but I'm very interested in being able to perceive what surrounds me from multiple perspectives. Residencies, 2021
PueblaMaría Jerez and Silvia Zayas
During this residency, Silvia Zayas, María Jerez and Victor Colmenero worked on the realization of the scenographic elements and props for the film Puebla. Residencies, 2020
Los BarrocosMaría Jerez and Juan Domínguez
At the beginning of the 21st century, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a global lockdown. Millions of people lived confined in their homes for months. Many more millions were forced to go to work amidst the pandemic.

After the initial moments of confusion, María and Juan collaborated on this work from a distance, through the screen, from their respective lockdowns in Berlin and Madrid.
Residencies, 2020