Dorothy Michaels produce las giras de estos proyectos VientosÓscar Bueno

Vientos is a sound space where everything that happens is due to the moving air. It is a landscape and a concert for four voices and several fans 2023
ApoyaturaÓscar Bueno

A piano is an instrument intended to produce music through a series of pressures. But what happens if we abandon the learned sequences and simply lean on it? And what if instead of using fingers, we use arms, elbows, or foreheads? Is it possible to write the score for the actions of a body that lets itself fall? 2023
Mágica y Elástica
Cuqui Jerez in collaboration with Óscar Bueno

Mágica y Elástica is configured as a deconstructed musical, exploring how sound, movement, and image work together. These elements allow us to perceive what we cannot speak of, to glimpse what language cannot yet capture, leading us to a space of mystery beneath the spectacle and to the moment when experience turns into emotion.   2022
A nublo
María Jerez y Edurne Rubio

A NUBLO seeks to overlap two spaces: the theater, an enclosed space built by and for humans, and a valley, a space transformed and shaped by geological and atmospheric conditions and completely open, an outdoor space.

Edurne Rubio and María Jerez are interested in intertwining these spaces, allowing points of encounter between the two worlds and thus constructing a third transitory place, anachronistic for being both ancestral and futuristic, a speculative piece of science (fiction).

Las UltracosasCuqui Jerez

In Las Ultracosas, the goal is to explore the limits of language from an aesthetic experience of contemplation. To achieve this, the research has focused on finding strategies and logics to produce a suspension of sense, that is, to find the precise point at which the linguistic sign cannot be closed, but at the same time is not completely open.2019
YabbaMaría Jerez

Yabba is an encounter with otherness. In this encounter, a third thing, a third dimension, appears, arises, involuntarily. And when it emerges, it transforms both the first and the second. Thus producing a displacement, a process of disidentification, a collision with the undefined.  2017
Vivir en videoclip: tú, yo, ‘nosotris’ y un karaokeAnto Rodriguez

The idea is a concert that expands to the point where even the performer disappears and the concert is left in the hands of the guests and the audience. It begins like any other concert, gets filled with intruders, and ends up being a popular karaoke. 2017