REMOLINO is a program of artistic residencies designed to test survival strategies amidst the ongoing threat of performing arts extinction. Through this initiative, we seek to challenge the prevailing machinery of performance production, which relentlessly churns out shows, often subject to fleeting consumption by an industry that swiftly discards them.  
Research, 2024
Reading residency led by María Jerez 23 to 27 October 2023 Many artists complain about the lack of time to read books they would like to read. We associate this lack of time with the amount of work we take on to generate the necessary income for our livelihood.

Through a public call, we invite four artists who want to read those books for which they never have time. The residency provides financial support for this purpose. The reading will take place on the sofas, armchairs, and cushions of Pegaso, the headquarters of Dorothy Michaels

Research, 2023
Especies en extinción
Life after life after life after life
4, 5 and 6 October 2023
Dorothy Michaels initiates the project Especies en Extinción and forms a working group to address the issues of preservation, survival and sustainability of practices in the field of expanded performing arts.

At the public encounter Life after life after life after life we invite other artists and researchers to share and learn about their approaches, practices, projects, and strategies regarding this issues.

Research, 2023
Laboratory with Quim Pujol26, 27 and 28 May 2023

Through discussion and experimentation, in this laboratory with Quim Pujol, we will attempt to create a Spanish manual to open a gap in language that allows for a broader range of relationships with time and space.

Research, 2023
Reading club with Anto Rodriguez From March to June 2023 The modes of production and research in the arts within our context - precarious, decentralized, almost invisible - often lead to solitude. This reading club is a gathering place where we can enjoy snacks, get to know each other, and share questions. The readings will serve as excuses to be together.

In each meeting, we will delve into a different topic. Occasionally, we will also have guests joining us for tea, allowing us to chat and even dance together.

Research, 2023 
Especies en extinción
 VII Jornadas escénicas INJUVE
3, 4 and 5 October 2022
Especies en Extinción is a program of encounters, performances, discussions and readings conceptualised by Cuqui Jerez and María Jerez. Through this program, they reflect on the practice of performing arts, drawing an analogy between live arts and endangered species.

From this forum, María and Cuqui aim to share an understanding of performing arts practice as a complex ecosystem, providing space for collective reflection.

Research, 2022