ENGLISH VERSION UNDER CONSTRUCTION Especies en Extinción: Life after life after life after life  Investigation     

Especies en Extinción working group includes María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, Óscar Bueno, Anto Rodríguez, Louana Gentner, Javi Cruz (Dorothy Michaels), Selina Blasco and Lila Insúa, professors at UCM and Javier Pérez Iglesias, director of the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM.

The group was created from the VIII Jornadas Escénicas INJUVE curated by María Jerez and Cuqui Jerez in 2022 

Collaboration: Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM

Poster: Louana Gentner

With the support of Área de Gobierno de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte del Ayuntamiento de Madrid; Consejería de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte de la Comunidad de Madrid.


October 4 2023  

Calle de Pegaso, 5



Presentation of Especies en Extinción with María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, Óscar Bueno, Anto Rodríguez, Louana Gentner, Javi Cruz Selina Blasco, Lila Insúa and Javier Pérez Iglesias.

Something Great

We invite Something Great -a Berlin-based independent organization dedicated to contemporary theater, dance, performance, and live arts intersecting with visual arts- because among its projects they have the initiative to create a collection of performing arts to reflect on the politics of curation and its public significance, as well as the practices of judgment and decision-making in the performing arts. They explore what it means to "remain" for cultural creations today, why they endure or not, and how they could establish and nourish a common world.

Arantxa Martinez 16.00-18.30h

We invite Arantxa Martínez - artist, dancer, and performer - because in 2010, Lola Rubio and she created the piece "The Present”. It was the first time she decided to create a piece with the intention of touring and presenting it in different places. Soon, she realized the difficulty and the effort that was required to do it. It was unsustainable. Nevertheless, Arantxa did not abandon "The Present".“The Present” mutated, varied, was modified with other invited artists, different configurations, other elements. It evolved into other pieces, continued and continues to be shared as a practice and exercise. Even its scenography and precious objects have slipped into other works and have become part of different pieces.


5 October 2023

Biblioteca Facultad 
de Bellas Artes UCM
C. Pintor el Greco, 2

Paz Rojo11.00-14.00h

We invite Paz Rojo - choreographer, dancer, and researcher - because she situates her work in the field of practice-based artistic research. This allows her to operate within extended time frames and formalize her investigations through pieces, publications, video essays, laboratories, experiments, festivals, ongoing conversations, or practices that have, in turn, evolved into a way of being. This has given rise to the mentioned formats and objects but also to encounters, affections, and knowledge that are absolutely invisible, yet no less important. Her active position against other models of production that impoverish the realm of possibilities helps us consider alternative paths for sharing the knowledge that emerges from our practices.

Quim Pujol  in conversation with Varamo Press

 We invite Quim Pujol - poet that explores the intersection of body, language, and contemporary art - to engage a conversation with Varamo Press, an independent publishing house led by artists Mette Edvardsen and Jeroen Peeters. We believe that writing and editorial work can breathe life into live pieces. Simultaneously, we believe that both Quim Pujol and Varamo Press perceive writing, words, and language as something vibrant, mutable and in constant transformation.

Itxaso Corral

We invite Itxaso Corral - an artist situated at the intersection of performative arts, pedagogie, writing, physiologies, songs, and vibrations - because we consider her practice as operating outside the logics of repetition. We’re interested in talking to her in order to understand to what extent certain predominant systems prove invalid and obsolete for certain practices that seek alternative, more invisible, and ephemeral ways of doing, ones that resist classification.


6 October 2023

Calle de Pegaso, 5

Conversatory with Paz Rojo, Paulina Chamorro, Javi Cruz and  Álvaro García

We invite this reading group initiated by Paz Rojo, which operates in relation to her research project "Morir Bien" and includes Paz Rojo, Paulina Chamorro, Javi Cruz, José Luis Baringo, and Álvaro García - artists and a physicist, respectively. We aim to establish a conversation with the working group "Especies en Extinción", exploring the possibility of a sustainable present beginning with the end, considering forms of dying, or the end of a world.
Closing conversation12.30-14.00h

Closing discussion with all the guests